Jack Cody wins the UK Poker Championship tournament and stakes all his roulette winnings!

During the UK Poker Championship event, professional player Jake Cody won the tournament with an entry fee of £ 2,200. The latter left with a substantial sum of £ 42,670 and decides to bet the total amount on black roulette at Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham.

He bets all of his winnings at roulette

The High-Roller tournament took place on the evening of February 25, 2018 and was organized by Party Poker. Jake Cody represents a well-known figure in the UK poker world and has a WSOP bracelet. At the age of 30, he is a key player who puts his talents into practice in the sector. This native of Rochdale in England began on the professional scene in 2010 thanks to the EPT or European Poker Tour of PokerStars de Deauville. The latter stood out from the other participants by reaching the grand final and winning nearly € 300,000. Jake Cody remains above all a party animal and a poker enthusiast who likes to take risks to increase the adrenaline of the game. He did so in the £ 2,200 High-Roller tournament final at the Party Poker UK Poker Championship.

During the UK Poker Championship, the lucky player places everything on the black color of the establishment’s roulette table. And drum roll, the ball lands on black number 22, which means he has just doubled his bet which was £ 42,670 . In short, he had a 50% chance of winning, which is a fairly risky probability, but he still gave it a shot. It is the director of the casino, Rob Young who threw the ball accompanied by the cries of joy of the customers present. So, Winning and profitable bet for Jake Cody who starts with £ 85,340. On this occasion, he wanted to celebrate this exceptional day by offering a few drinks to the crowd for their enthusiasm and encouragement. The main interested party posted the video of this victory on his Twitter account.

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